A total of €1,000,000 is up for grabs every month! We invite Blackjack enthusiasts to join the Pragmatic Play Live dealers, with four daily tournaments, thrills guaranteed!

1 day, 4 tournaments until June 30th:

The minimum bet amounts as well as the prize amounts increase from the Bronze to Private tournament.

BRONZE BLACKJACK Tournament | €3,000/day including 250 prizes

SILVER BLACKJACK Tournament | €7,000/day including 200 prizes

GOLD BLACKJACK Tournament | €15,000/day including 49 prizes

PRIVATE BLACKJACK Tournament | €10,000/day including 1 prize

Mechanics of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Blackjack tournaments:

• Accumulate as many points as possible; the number of points obtained increases with the number of consecutive wins.

• The player with the most points will win the 1st prize.

Example: I bet €10 and win €20, I receive 10 points. On the next bet, I wager €5 and win €30, this is my second consecutive win, I earn an additional 20 points. My current score is 30 points, representing my position in the ranking.

Points earned by consecutive wins:

1st win = 10 points 6th win = 500
2nd win = 20 7th win = 1,000
3rd win = 50 8th win = 2,000
4th win = 100 9th win = 5,000
5th wni = 200 10th win and above = 10,000





Mechanics of the Private tournament:

Achieve the longest series of consecutive wins possible; the number of wins represents your score.

Example: I win 4 times consecutively, I earn 4 points. I then achieve another winning streak, this time, 15 consecutive wins, I earn 15 points. My score and position in the ranking are now 15.


Find the participating tables, different for each tournament in the "Live casino" tab or on the "Pragmatic Play Live Lobby" by following this link

The complete rules of the tournaments, the minimum bet amount per tournament, and the ranking are available on the participating tables.

Terms and Conditions:

The Blackjack League promotion is available until 30.06.24 at 23:59 (CET).

Find the participating tables in the "Live casino" tab or via the Pragmatic Play Live lobby.

Minimum bets differ depending on the tournament and are indicated on the participating tables.

Only your main hand and the bet behind will be taken into account.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Blackjack Tournament:

• Achieve consecutive wins to earn a number of points as indicated in the table above.

• Points will be added up to get your final score and determine your position in the ranking.

Private Tournament:

• Your score is determined by the number of consecutive wins achieved, the longer the streak, the more your points increase.

• The player with the highest score will win the prize.

In each tournament, in case of a tie between two players, the player who achieved their score first will be ranked higher.

Find all conditions on the participating tables.

We reserve the right to modify, replace, or cancel part or all of this promotion without notice and at our sole

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